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Celebrating Ed & Jean Shifflett at St. Monica's

Sunday, we dedicated the lower hall of St. Monica's Church to Ed and Jean Shifflett. Before the Good Samaritan Ministry was launched and before we opened Monica's Kitchen, Ed and Jean were caring for our vulnerable friends and neighbors. The seeds of our ministry today are planted in their good garden and we are blessed by their example of service grounded in the virtue of humility.

In addition to Fr. Peter's presence as pastor and celebrant, we were joined by Cardinal Sean, Fr. Joe White, Fr. Steve Madden, Fr. Robert Casey, Fr. Robert Kickham, and Deacon Alejandro Iarola.

Many heartwarming tributes were offered including beautiful words from Cardinal Sean. Ed and Jean were also honored by Representative Biele, City Councilor Flynn, and by Congressman Lynch.

Jean closed our celebration by thanking and acknowledging all the volunteers who have served alongside them so many years. And, speaking to Ed through the livestream camera, Jean spooke tender words of love for her dear husband and partner in ministry. The sweetness and tenderness of that moment was a precious gift for all of us!

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