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July Peace Picnic

We celebrated our July Peace Picnic on Wednesday

Although the day started cloudy with a threat of thunderstorms, the sky cleared and the sun broke free just as we began to set up!

Old friends and new joined us for a delicious summer meal - including ice cream provided by the Boston Police ice cream van. Of course, sharing a delicious meal together is not our most important goal. Our ministry seeks to create the experience of belonging to a community of kind neighbors for individuals and families who too often feel ignored or dismissed. As we pass around watermelon and cookies and other delicious food we also share our stories. And, in the sharing, bonds of friendship emerge. After the last hot dog has been served and the picnic tables put away we return to our lives nourished by the grace of those sacred encounters.

Amazing grace, indeed.

You might enjoy taking a look at some of the wonderful photos from the picnic published in South Boston Online this week.

The link is pasted below:


Deacon Paul

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