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Our Garden Story – Chapter 1

Updated: Dec 12, 2020

I suppose that some would say we were foolish when we decided to build a garden. We made the decision during the worst days in the early weeks of the pandemic. Everything was shut down. Even churches were closed to public worship. And yet, in the midst of those days of worry and fear, we felt inspired to create something of beauty. And so, we began with a blank canvas of earth.

Our friend, Jordi Segales, offered his expertise and served as our creative director. Jordi welcomed all of our ideas and fit them together into a vision of a garden of prayer and peace. We shared that vision with others and, soon, gardeners arrived!

Our neighbors and friends who walk past St. Monica’s Church and visit Monica’s Kitchen began asking questions about our project. They, too, offered suggestions. Everyone wants to create beauty! Our original vision blossomed as more gardeners joined us!

Our friend, Andy Gibbs, arrived on the scene to translate the vision into an actual garden. Together with Mark and Chris and Mike, walls were built and statues erected.

As Advent arrived, we celebrated the completion of phase 1 and offered our neighborhood a beautiful sign of this holy season, inviting them to welcome the Prince of Peace into their hearts.

We look forward, in hope, to new plantings and new growth in the spring!

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