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Remembering Ed Shifflett

Ed Shifflett passed away today.

Ed was a big man with a big heart.

He was an anchor for our ministry at Monica's Kitchen - a true Good Samaritan.

Soon, many of us will participate in the familiar rituals that help us to bear the grief over the loss of a dear friend. We will gather together and tell stories that will make us laugh and cry. We will bless Ed's body and honor his memory. Through our prayers we will tell God that a good man is on his way and insist that God welcome him home without delay. We will pray for Jean and their family whose love brought Ed such joy and whose love sustained him in his final hour. And, together, we will draw inspiration from the gift of Ed's life as we continue his ministry of caring for the stranger as a friend.

Details of these gatherings and services will be forthcoming.

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