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Sisters Garden of Prayer and Peace

Updated: May 28, 2021

Monica's Kitchen has expanded to now include Sisters Garden of Prayer and Peace.

The garden is a sanctuary of beauty and peace for all - especially our friends and neighbors searching for God's presence and peace. We have dedicated the garden in honor of all of the religious sisters who have served the people of South Boston for generations. Our ministry has been greatly blessed by the humility and example of the sisters who serve with us. They are our friends and our teachers.

The sisters see others, especially the broken ones among us, in ways that the world fails to see. Beneath the layers of hurt and anger that so many carry, the sisters see beauty! More than that, the sisters delight in discovering that beauty!

Sister Margaret joins Fr. Peter in blessing Sisters Garden of prayer and Peace

When Sister Monica or Sister Margaret or Sister Maryadele or Sister Kate sit to enjoy a meal with one of our lost or discouraged neighbors you can see that person come back to life as the sisters help them awaken to their beauty as a person of dignity and worth. That is the essence of our ministry!

The picture shows all of the religious sisters who joined us for the dedication of the garden.

May God bless them and their ministry and may we honor them with our gratitude and affection.

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