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  • Deacon Paul

Welcome May

What a difference a year makes!

A garden will teach you a wonderful lesson in patience.

Last year at this time we blessed our Sisters Garden of Prayer and Peace.

At that time, our new plants and flowers were fragile and frail.

Today, those same babies have emerged from their winter sleep tall and strong.

And, like confident teenagers, they aren’t shy about showing off their beauty to all who walk by!

Our ministry is a lot like our garden.

Often, we find ourselves waiting for the seeds of grace to do their work.

Perhaps we might draw inspiration from the example of the religious sisters pictured here.

One day after another they plant seeds of hope in the garden of the community where they live and serve. One day after another they tenderly nurture new growth in the hearts and spirits of God’s people.

One day after another they wait, in prayer, for that little miracle of rebirth!

Welcome, May, indeed!

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