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Who Is My Neighbor?

A young scholar is engaged in an intellectual discussion with Jesus. Jesus reminds him of the two great commandments – to love God and to love one’s neighbor. The scholar tries to set a trap for Jesus by asking a provocative question.


The scholar of the law said to Jesus, “And who is my neighbor?” - Luke 10:29


In response, Jesus tells a story about a nameless victim who is beaten, humiliated, and abandoned. In the parable, compassion and love come from the last person who would be considered the victim’s neighbor.  Whereas others see the victim and pass by, the Samaritan stops and kneels in the gutter to minister to the victim.  The Samaritan carries the battered and broken one to safety and invites others to join in the victim’s care and recovery.

 Jesus ends the parable by telling the scholar to “go and do the same”. 


This is a teaching for our time.  We, too, are called to see and love the least and the lost - not from a safe distance - but “up close and personal”.






The Good Samaritan Ministry at Monica's Kitchen

The Good Samaritan Ministry at Monica’s Kitchen is a Catholic ministry in South Boston that supports individuals and families who are often overlooked by others. 

Our Peace Ministry offers Peace Breakfasts, Peace Picnics, Pasta and Peace dinners, and other neighborhood gatherings where compassion and kindness heal hearts and spirits wounded by violence. 


Our Recovery Ministry offers a sanctuary of support and spiritual nourishment for those seeking recovery from addiction and for their families and friends. 


Our Food Security Ministry provides groceries and emergency food for individuals and families living with hunger. 

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